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Without help from SizaBantwana Organisation, hundreds of children face a reality of living everyday without water, food, and medical care.  Opportunities for education are also severely limited without proper uniforms, school supplies, or adult advocates.


Additionally, these children have to cope with the social-emotional challenges of facing the world without a parent or relative  Friends of SizaBantwana, Inc. can help. Although we can never alleviate the pain of losing a loved one due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, we can help with basic needs.  


We can help by purchasing and providing:

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Food parcel 1.jpg

Food Parcels

A food parcel costs $30 and can feed a family for approximately 1 month. It includes items like rice, maize meal, cooking oil, and powdered milk.

school uniforms 3.jpg

School uniforms

Children must wear the correct school uniform to attend school in South Africa or risk being sent home.

Food parcel 1.jpg

Feminine hygiene napkins

Girls are often forced to miss school while managing their menstrual cycle each month.  Unhygenic methods are also used by many who cannot afford feminine napkins.

water 2.jpg


There is no running water in these communities and drilling a well is almost impossible.  Although both care centers have water tanks, they often sit empty. A water tank can be filled for approximately $400, which will last 4-6 months.  

Food parcel 1.jpg

School supplies

Items of need include backpacks, pencils, and paper.  SizaBantwana’s Reading Project is also in need of books for the children.

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Sewing machines

Used to teach children vocational skills so they can make money and sustain themselves after Siza.

clothing winter hats.jpg


Many children only have a handful of outfits.  Most clothing is recycled and passed down, even underwear.  Shoes are often a luxury. Winter accessories are needed for colder nighttime temperatures.

Toothbrush 2.jpg

Personal hygiene


Items of need include soap, washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant.

Food parcel 1.jpg

Tender love and care

The orphans and vulnerable children need more than material goods, they need a loving adult who cares.  We can support the dedicated and underpaid care workers with high quality training.

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